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Artist Interview: Special Teamz

Artist Interview: Special Teamz
August 06, 2007

Hip-hop supergroups in Boston are even rarer than super hip-hop groups in Boston, but Boston hip-hop supergroup Special Teamz covers all the bases and stands tall in the underground. Comprised of Edo G, the Godfather of Boston hip-hop, multi-award nominated Jaysaun and former leader of The Kreators from Dorchester, young but angry overnight success Slaine, and deejay Jayceeoh, Special Teamz represents all different points in Boston, old and new school, and the best of the city.

Their style and lyrics are about as subtle as their self-promotion for their upcoming Duck Down Records debut release, Stereotypez, but with good reason. After debating over different record label contracts, Special Teamz proved they weren't all hype and no substance by passing on more money for a home at indie favorite Duck Down, also home to Boot Camp Clik among other greats, where they knew they'd fit in perfectly, a company that knows the music, the scene and the business, just like they do.

Highlights of their appearance at WERS were the new track "Get Down" and the new-never-before-heard-anywhere debut of "Three Kings," a Young C-produced gem with a beat constructed from a renaissance-style sound, definitely worth checking out.

Music is what brought the Special Teamz together over all parts of this diverse city, says Edo, and their debut Stereotypez is a reflection of what they see Boston as everyday. But if you're planning on downloading the new album, the group has this to say: "Stop downloading, you're taking away from the game. It won't be right unless we really support it. If ya'll tired of hearing that crap thats on the radio that's not from here, that's not a representation of who were are as Bostonians, as New Englanders, lets support ourselves and make the radio play what we want. Stereotypez is a dope album, we put a lot of time into it, we didn't rush it, we searched for the right beats and didnt just slap it together. It's 80-90% new material since we got the Duck Down deal, it's dope." Sounds dope.

The new album will be in stores September 25th, and there will be a special release party for it featuring them, Dre Robinson, Boot Camp Clik, and then some - if you're a hip hop fan this will be the place to be to support the best in local and underground hip hop from Duck Down and Special Teamz.

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